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based in Düsseldorf, focuses on book mediums, artistic research, and visual design.

Things To Come
Editorial Design, Book Concept, Layout & Typography 

240 × 320 mm
168 pages, 7 glued booklets
German and English

Felix Schramm

Felix Schramm, Lai Ping So 

Art Direction, Editorial Design 
Lai Ping So

Image Editing
Hannes Norberg 

DCV, Berlin

Printing & Binding
Das Druck Haus

Things To Come
Published in Feb 2024
240 × 320 mm, 168 pages
ISBN  978-3-96912-177-1
Editorial Design, Layout & Typography, Book Design
The volume consists of seven booklets, each containing one issue. They are bound together to form a complete set.

The publication is the first comprehensive monograph of artist Felix Schramm (b. 1970, Hamburg; lives and works in Düsseldorf), showcasing a selection of his works and exhibitions from the past five years. Schramm's sculptural practice is a deep exploration of space and corporeality.

In works in a variety of media, including installations that intervene into a given setting, sculptures, and collages, Felix Schramm creates three-dimensional forms out of classical materials and industrial staples as well as detritus and dust. Deformations, rifts, cracks, or impurities undermine the existing order in his constructed formal ensembles, allowing novel correspondences in space and interconnections across time to emerge.

Artist    Felix Schramm
Concept    Felix Schramm, Lai Ping So
Art Direction, Editorial Design    Lai Ping So
Image Editing    Hannes Norberg
Publisher     DCV, Berlin
Printing & Binding    Das Druck Haus


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