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what we do
mmmmor studio is a creative studio with an experimental practice dedicated in artistic research, medium of book and subversion. Our team is proficient in multiple languages, including English, German and Chinese.

Art Direction
Brand Identity Design
Editorial Design
Exhibition Design
Photography & Videography
Printing Production
our name
mmmmor, is a short form of ‘miimiimormor’.
mii-mii-mor-mor is a Hong Kongese idiom, describes someone being slow or dilly-dally. We believe that creating delicate work takes time. Slowness, or Langsamkeit in German, and the art of pausing can be powerful assets in today's fast-paced world.
who we are
Co-founded by Lai Ping SO and Wai Lun HSU in 2013, the artist duo draws inspiration from their observations of historical and social events. Their works often encompass artists’ books, print-making, lens-based media, and typography. 
        In recent years, they have been exploring the idea of artist books, to activate and re-imagine the form and structure of hand-craft books, as a medium of artistic approach. The published works of the artist duo includes ‘Between Faces, Stories and Power’ (2023), ‘ flo-o-o’ (2023), ‘The State of Being Vanished (Evanescence) No. 001–003’ (2021), ‘Vanishing No. 002’ (2021), ‘Vanishing No. 003 (Endless) (2021), ‘dok dat dap dap’ (2021), ‘The Rise of Modern China’ (2018/2023). Educational institutes, cultural organisations, book publishers and individual artists are their frequent collaborating partners.

Lai Ping So (b. 1988, Hong Kong), Visual Artist, Designer and Art Educator, studied Intermedia at the Hochschule Mainz, Visual Arts at the Academy of Visual Arts HKBU and developed to expand her artistic practices in text and art. Right after her bachelor graduation in 2011, So has been constantly engaged in Book Design and Typography, collaborating closely with creatives, publishers, and cultural organisations.
        So is actively involved in the art community and is dedicated to using her skills and knowledge to inspire others. Since 2020, So has been lecturing Editorial Design, Experimental Design and Bookbinding in various educational institutes in Germany.

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Wai Lun Hsu (b. 1989, Hong Kong), Visual Artist and Designer, received his Master Degree in Artistic Research at Royal Academy of Art The Hague (KABK), The Netherlands in 2018, and Visual Arts Bachelor Degree at Hong Kong Baptist University (2012).
        Using a variety of mediums including moving images, sound art and printed matters. In his artistic practices, Hsu seeks to engage with precarious social and historical moments and address issues of personal language, history, and identity. His work has been exhibited internationally in galleries and museums, and he is known for creating thought-provoking pieces that challenge viewers to consider complex issues.

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