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what we do
mmmmor develops and designs communication solutions for analogue and digital media. We work proficiently with multi-language, including English, German and Chinese.

Art Direction
Brand Identity Design
Book Design
Exhibition Design & Production
Book Binding
Photography & Videography
Printing Consultation
our name
mmmmor, is a short form of ‘miimiimormor’.

mii-mii-mor-mor is a Hongkongese idiom for describing the conditions of one being slowly or even dilly-dally. It seemingly sounds negative, yet we do believe delicate works take time; slowness, in German — ‘Langsamkeit’, the pause, can be a powerful asset in the contemporary world.
who we are
mmmmor studio was found in Hong Kong by So Lai Ping in 2011 and later in 2017, co-established with Hsu Wai Lun in Düsseldorf. 

So Lai Ping

Lai Ping (b. 1988, Hong Kong), Visual Artist, has been constantly engaged in Editorial Design after receiving her Bachelor Degree in Visual Arts from the Hong Kong Baptist University in 2011. Since then, she collaborated with cultural organisations, educational institutes, visual artists, writers and book publishers.

In 2017, she received a Master Degree in Gutenberg Intermedia from the Hochschule Mainz, Germany. So’s works revolve around book and printing culture, especially concerning its traditions and non-industrial history. Her works often encompass paper, silkscreen, artist books and hand-crafted binding. For half a year, she was trained in a German professional bookbinding workshop, Buchbinderei Mergemeier Düsseldorf.

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Hsu Wai Lun

Wai Lun (b. 1989, Hong Kong), Visual and Sound Artist, received his Master Degree in Artistic Research at Royal Academy of Art The Hague (KABK), The Netherlands in July 2018. He is experienced in designing art exhibitions and production. In 2012–2016, he coordinated yearly photography exhibition for the education programme Through Our Eyes.

His main interest is in moving images and sound art. Right after his graduation from the Hong Kong Baptist University with a Visual Arts Bachelor Degree in 2012, he was invited by Fabrik Gallery Hong Kong to hold a solo exhibition for his video work ‘Breathe’.

His artistic practice reflects his interest on the loss of personal language, history, and identity, in the context of local (Hong Kong) and global history.

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