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dok dat dap dap
Artist's Book, Artistic Research, Sound Art 

110 × 140 mm, 78 pages
English and Cantonese

Wai Lun Hsu, Lai Ping So

Wai Lun Hsu, Lai Ping So

Artwork, Text and Research
Wai Lun Hsu, Lai Ping So

Bookbinding, Printing & Production 
Lai Ping So



dok dat dap dap


Published in July 2021
Artist’s Book, Artistic Research, Sound Art

Industrial printing technology has been employed to achieve mass production with its consequent cost-efficiencies. One negative side of this production process geared towards the maximization of circulation and profits, is that minority positions are neglected. Many minority groups have been denied direct ‘access’ to generic publications. For instance, visually-impaired groups cannot access printed books without assistance or translations.

This book attempts to bring three communities closer together: the visually-impaired, the hearing impaired, and everyone else in communities which are dependent upon different levels of sensory ability, respectively.

The three communities have distinct reading needs: visually-impaired persons need to substitute the sense of vision with other senses, such as with the use of braille to read the text by their sense of touch; on the other hand, hearing-impaired persons are able to read visual texts, but if there are any depictions related to ‘sound’, they may find them inaccessible since they lack the assumed hearing experiences. For example, if the sound of raining was depicted in words, the ideas of the sound of rain being loud or weak, quick or slow, gentle or uncomfortable to the ears– these concepts could be very abstract to a hearing-impaired person. For the everyone else in the communities that have direct experience of such imagery, it is not easy for them to understand the experiential world of persons with sensory impairment. In other words, here are three communities and they see the world and read books with the aid of very different sensory environments. This book has been created using experimental methods, in an attempt to communicate with these three groups of people.

23 clips of recorded sound of raining were used as a creative reference. By observing different characters of the sound, such as its length, loudness, distance, rhythm and so on, the book reproduces these characters by employing methods which requires mixed sensory perceptions, like visual signs, onomatopoeia, and the sense of touch. The recorded sound of raining were selected from 17 pop-culture films, including the arrangement and establishment of the scene. The length of each clips ranged from 10 seconds to a few minutes.

This is an artist book made by artist duo Lai Ping SO & Wai Lun HSU, 35 pieces were made in first edition, published in Hong Kong, all made and produced by the artists.

工業化的印刷技術著重大量生產以降低成本,大量生產的書籍亦因此導致印刷資本主義(print capitalism)。而這樣尋找最大普及性和利潤最大化的生產過程中的反面,便是忽略了少數群體。一般的書籍出版或多或少地拒絕給少數群體直接「access/使用」。例如視覺有缺失的群體,就無法單獨或不經翻譯地使用書店裡的印刷書籍。

這本書藉回應 「accessibility」(無障礙)的主題,嘗試拉近依賴不同感官的三個群體:視障人士、聽障人士,以及應用不同程度感官的人。




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Artist    Wai Lun Hsu, Lai Ping So
Concept    Wai Lun Hsu, Lai Ping So
Artwork, Text and Research    Wai Lun Hsu, Lai Ping So
Bookbinding, Printing & Production    Lai Ping So

Publisher    soundpocket

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