Rolling Text Example

based in Düsseldorf, focuses on book mediums, artistic research, and visual design.


Images: Perspectives

Editorial Design, Book Design, Book Concept

185 × 260mm
264 pages + a 32-page leporello cover

March 2024, Published and printed in Hong Kong
ISBN: 978 988 78766 2 5

Dorothy Cheung
Elaine Lin

Elaine Lin
Shoair Mavlian

Jacqueline Liu

Art Direction and Design
Hsu Wai Lun
So Lai Ping
mmmmor studio

Print Production
Allion Printing Co. Ltd.

Research and Input by WMA Team
Luna Chan
Kyle Chau
Chloe Chow
Frank Lam
Elaine Lin
Claudia Lung
Tse Lam Hei

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