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I wouldn’t believe that a glue binding book could be laid open nicely, until...

June 2018
Before learning bookbinding craft in Germany, I generally consider the glue bind with sewn sections as a good and the safest option for book projects, for one simple reason: books can be opened desirably and laid flat.

Last year I handled an exhibition catalog, which was supposed to be produced in an industrial bookbindery for 300 edition. However, the book dummy didn't convince me, like the cover paper was in a wrong grain direction, too much glue between the cover and ending-papers, stitching holes were a bit bigger than it should be...

Blessedly, being an intern at a craft-bindery (Buchbinderei Mergemeier), the best consultant is sitting right next to me. I asked my chief for advice, and she analyzed some key factors of producing books which can be laid flat. (will talk about it next time)
‘Why are you so determined to use the sewn binding?’ she asked. After hearing my simple thoughts, she smiled and said ‘Not really...’. She then made me a glue binding dummy on the same day. I was convinced and surprised by the fact that a fine glue binding can achieve such a neat and satisfying outcome, and eventually switched the whole production process to where I work.  

Since then, craft glue binding became my first priority. Here comes a recent project bound with Otabind technique.

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