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The Rise of Modern China (2018)

This title is derived from the scholarly historical publication‭, ‬The Rise of Modern China‭, ‬first published by Oxford University‭ ‬Press in the United States in 1970‭. ‬Originally written in English‭, ‬the book was translated into Traditional Chinese and published in Hong Kong in 2001‭. ‬It was published in Simplified Chinese in China in 2008‭. ‬In the Simplified Chinese edition‭, ‬eleven chapters‭, ‬or over 200‭ ‬pages‭, ‬are erased‭.‬

The Rise of Modern China‭ (‬2018‭) ‬now republishes the removed pages from the original edition‭. ‬Most of the content on these pages‭ ‬was eliminated‭, ‬leaving only year dates‭, ‬in the system of the Gregorian calendar‭. ‬This work not only addresses the‭ (‬well-known‭) ‬censorship regime of contemporary China‭, ‬but is also an attempt to address historiography‭, ‬and the way national histories are written‭.‬


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